February 11, 2010

#18 "Explosion!!!"  NEW Arrival!

hello! we are +radicalism+.

upperbody tattoo is introduced today.

it's old school TATTOO :))

Explosion!!! 250L$    
  Layer : jacket,shirt,undershirt    
  Modify : NO    
  Transfer : NO
  Copy : OK
  include HIGH TAN & LOW TAN
Let's EXPLOSION !!!!!!
and Valentine hunt is performed at a 13Cherry mall with our shop!
it's start already :) please enjoy this hunt!

and evreyday DJ send a good tune,so please come here :)
Good Luck!
Please check our tattoo in +radicalism+ !
and we have free tattoo and dollarbie tattoo,take it too :) 
see you at +radicalism+

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